SlideWiki Tutorials

We prepared a series of videos highlighting various functionalities of the SlideWiki Platform. The objective of this series of videos is to facilitate the SlideWiki users and all related stakeholders to use the platform smoothly, thereby enhancing product adoption.

In this blog post, you can access the currently available videos. Please stay tuned, as following the upcoming platform redesign and the release of new platform tools, a new series of How-To Tutorial Videos will be published in the coming months. Should any questions arise, please feel free to email me.

The videos for the following 27 functionalities are currently available at this playlist and at the end of this blog post in the following order:

  1. How it works – User Settings
  2. How it works – User Groups
  3. How it works – Text Edit Basics
  4. How it works – Text Edit Copy and Paste
  5. How it works – Text Box and Image
  6. How it works – Table
  7. How it works – Slide Show
  8. How it works – Slide Navigation
  9. How it works Slide Element Menu
  10. How it worksSlide Comment
  11. How it worksSign in and out
  12. How it worksSearch
  13. How it worksPlaylists
  14. How it worksPassword Recovery
  15. How it worksNotifications
  16. How it worksMy Decks, Shared Decks
  17. How it works – Maths and Code
  18. How it worksLink und Embed Video
  19. How it worksLike Share Report
  20. How it worksHTML Editor
  21. How it worksDeck Edit
  22. How it worksDeck Download
  23. How it worksDeck Activity
  24. How it worksDeck Slide and Subdeck
  25. How it worksDeck Tags
  26. How it worksChange Template
  27. How it worksAdd Attach Slides and Decks

Here you can access each video in the aforementioned order:

How it works – User Settings

How it works – User Groups

How it works – Text Edit Basics

How it works – Text Edit Copy and Paste

How it works – Text Box and Image

How it works – Table

How it works – Slide Show

How it works – Slide Navigation

How it works – Slide Element Menu

How it works – Slide Comment

How it works – Sign In and Out

How it works – Search

How it works – Playlists

How it works – Password Recovery


How it works – Notifications

How it works – My Deck, Shared Decks

How it works – Maths and Code

How it works – Link and Embed Video

How it works – Like Share Report

How it works – HTML Editor

How it works – Deck Edit

How it works – Deck Download

How it works – Deck Activity

How it works – Deck Slide and Subdeck

How it works – Deck Tags

How it works – Change Template

How it works – Add Attach Slides and Decks

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