Dev News

As well as being an innovative project in the OpenCourseWare sector, SlideWiki is also an outstanding software project and product with many requirements and interesting solutions.
Compliance with abstract requirements is just one part of the effort we maintain. Such requirements are based on the overall project goal: creating a large scale accessible learning and teaching platform based on educational technology, skill recognition and global collaboration. Additionally there are special technical requirements, that SlideWiki needs to match:

  • Reliability
  • High availability
  • State of the art technologies
  • Fault tolerance
  • Scalability
  • Distributed execution

These requirements and their implementations are very technical, thus this page and the sub-pages give just an overview of the development status.

Open Source

SlideWiki is a open source project that is free to use and libre (FLOSS). Everyone is able to view, use and alter the source code, create issues and to get involved within the development. Thus, we use the quasi-standard code repository and project management tool Github, that is used by millions of other OSS projects. Github hosts the source code of SlideWiki, as well as Wikis, websites and several issue trackers.
The project is represented as an organization at GitHub, in order to handle all repositories, have an overview of the developers and manage third party applications:

56 repositories, 0 followers.


Modern project management

Development is managed and controlled with the project management stack from Atlassian for open source projects, namely Jira and Confluence. The whole development process is managed in Jira, as well as our official issue tracker is. Discussions, mock-ups, announcements and modelling takes place in Confluence.
More than 34 developers are doing agile software development there while handling instant feedback from trial partners.

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