SlideWiki presented at the ISA² Mid-Term Conference on Linking Public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens

The ISA² Mid-Term Conference “Linking Public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens”, took place on 29th November 2018, at the cultural house Flagey in Brussels. The event was organized by the European Commission’s ISA² Programme. The event gathered over 200 professionals from public administrations in EU countries and EU institutions, as well as from the private sector.

Anastasia Papastilianou(National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government- EKDDA) represented the “Interoperability Maturity Assessment of Public Services -IMAPS implementation in PA” in Greece, by utilizing SlideWiki as a collaborative platform to support these special blended learning courses.

Over 100 public servants in Greece used SlideWiki during IMAPS courses to support their own project and many deck and slides have been created during the courses. The implementation of IMAPS is based on project learning method. The method is extended and transformed, via SlideWiki, to an Open and Collaborative approach.

EKDDA developed three specific open courses on Slidewiki making an “Open learning path for Interoperability”. A complementary program such as Open Government has also been developing on SlideWiki to give people the opportunity to improve their knowledge about the new Open policies, methods, tools and practices. The SlideWiki platform is fostering open education by supporting the collaborative authoring, sharing, reusing and remixing of open educational content online. The presentation focused on lessons learned from these courses in different learning contexts and scenarios. The program was funded by SlideWiki and others. This initiative has offered opportunities to present the SlideWiki platform and its open courses, in public administration at a European level. 



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