Pedratscher Stefan, Plattner Michael and Tschol Thomas are  currently studying Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck and their team has won SlideWiki’s OpenCourseWare Competition.  You can read the interview about their experience at SlideWiki’s Open CourseWare competition and their plans for using SlideWiki in the future here below. 

1) Please introduce yourself and your team (Name, Professional Backgroung, current working position)

We are a group of three students currently studying Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck. The team consists of the master students Pedratscher Stefan, Plattner Michael and Tschol Thomas.

2) How was your experience participating in SlideWiki’s OpenCourseWare Competition?

It took some time to get used to the web interface of SlideWiki, but once we were familiar with the platform it was a good experience. Very useful was the feature to import code from various programming languages and to be able to represent code in a readable manner.

3) SlideWiki, an EU-funded project, enables the collaborative creation of free teaching and learning materials. These include, for instance, slide sets, lecture notes and course content. What is special about this platform?

A big advantage of SlideWiki is the possibility to work simultaneously on the same presentation. Furthermore, we think a free platform with such rich features is very attracting, especially for students. The biggest potential in SlideWiki are the public presentations which lead to global information sharing and the possibility to learn from others. Tags are very useful to find appropriate content.

4) According to your opinion, which are the target groups that can best benefit from using the SlideWiki platform?

According to our opinion the most beneficial group are those who want to study new things (especially students).

They benefit from the knowledge of people specialized in their field of expertise.

5) How do you evaluate the importance of Open Course Ware and Open Educational Resources for all educational levels?

Open Course Ware would be very useful because a lot of research could be saved and resources could focus on new advances in research.

We think for young students and undergraduates the information provided by Open Course Ware is appropriate , but the question is if the provided information is sufficient for more advanced students working in research. We think that there might be not much interest for companies to publish their information, because they do not gather anything from it.

6) Do you or your organization plan to continue using SlideWiki in the future?

We heard about SlideWiki from our seminar leaders Anna Fensel and Umutcan Simsek who motivated us to use this platform. Currently we are not planning to use it in the near future, because we are already used to other programs (e.g. LaTeX), but the sharing and collaborative work option could motivate us in the future to use SlideWiki again.

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