SlideWiki as one of the digital projects by Leipzig University

Uni LeipzigAnother external InfAI partner testing the SlideWiki-platform is the [Interdisciplinary Teaching Project] of the Computer Science Department at Leipzig University.  With this project we revive the old academic tradition of a discourse across disciplinary boundaries within a more and more splattered university.  Since the summer term 2013 the project each term offers a lecture course, a seminar and also practical work on digital projects to both computer scientists and students of the humanities.

Our first idea was to use the – as claimed – fantastic interactive facilities of SlideWiki within our course program.  But even a short pre-term evaluation revealed many problems that prevented us to use Slidewiki as accompanying tool for a regular course.  Instead we decided to concentrate on importing our course material into SlideWiki, to explore the SlideWiki problems on such a task in a more systematic way and to set up that as one of the digital projects in the current course.

The project core team was completed by 5 students from the humanities enrolled in the course. We set up a gitlab environment to conduct the project. The students imported more than 400 slides from two of our courses into SlideWiki, see the playlists and – a hard piece of work, since they had to overcome many SlideWiki obstacles and find out a great number of workarounds.

All that was accurately documented in more than 80 issues, that were passed to the SlideWiki development team and partly also discussed with the developers. In a second stage of our trial we assembled a number of biligual students to translate the slides from one of the playlists to different target languages (English, Chinese, Arab, Greek) thus evaluating the SlideWiki multilingual concept available in the production platform only since August 2018.

Due to the numerous instabilities and design flaws of the platform we do not

plan to use it in the near future within our courses.

Written by Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Gräbe


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