SlideWiki trials at the Technical University of Riga, Latvia

The Technical University of Riga (RTU) is one of the subcontracted partners for the external trials of the SlideWiki platform. In this blogpost, we feature briefly a summary of the status of the respective SlideWiki trials that are currently conducted in Riga, Latvia, within the context of this subcontract. 

The Technical University of Riga (RTU) is an internationally recognized European university that consists of 9 faculties and 35 institutes. RTU is the leading Latvian technical university – active in knowledge society technologies. The Distance Education Study Centre (DESC) of RTU accepted the challenge to evaluate the SlideWiki platform and to maximise its impact on education and global sharing of knowledge. In this context, the RTU DESC team is co-operating with many Latvian Higher education establishments in the framework of national eLearning development/delivery projects.

The project activities included evaluation of platform’s current usability and supplementing its libraries with fresh materials which would support learning process.

During the hot summer of 2018 DESC team used SlideWiki to prepared total of 12 topics with 39 units or decks with more than 400 learning objects which included slides, text, graphics, videos and assessments like questionnaires. Starting from September pedagogues used this material to begin teaching two secondary school courses – economics and physics, as well as one university level catch-up course also on physics and one national wide competence development courses for high school teachers. In total this included around 350 participants which translates into 578 hours of face-to-face and individual study time.

One of the main sources of valuable trial information were surveys which reflected the overall mood, satisfaction and usability of the SlideWiki platform among students and teachers. Since the first semester is moving full steam ahead, RTU is still collecting survey data and will be doing so till the end of the year. Also, the summary report will include assessment of the effectiveness, as well as the educational and learning impact on using the SlideWiki’s tools.

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