SlideWiki presented at the EKDDA training programs in Greece

Slidewiki was presented and utilized in EKDDA training programs, during this year in Greece, where over 300 trainees and trainers, from public administration and local government, had the opportunity to get experience of open and collaborative learning methods and courses using the SlideWiki platform.  The programs run by Institute of Training (INEP) which is the training unit of National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA). INEP created new open courses on the platform in different thematic areas such as “Open Governance”, “Basic interoperability issues and concepts”, “Open and Collaborative Learning in Public Administration”, “Interoperability Assessment of public services”, e-Gov, “Management of open Educational Resources” and “Use of OER”. 

Participants during face to face, blended learning, and e-learning programs used the existing content in slidewiki, produced their own content and learn to work together. Participants gave directly feedback and using the assessment questionnaire evaluate the platform and wrote interesting comments and proposals for SlideWiki improvement. The majority characterized the platform friendly and useful and complementary to training activities in PA. 

The trials run in Athens and in Thessaloniki included participants from the south and north Greece respectively.

Slidewiki was presented also for dissemination purposes in many training activities, info days and other events, such as, Educating the Educators  training program, the 7th International e-Democracy Conference and the annual of HL7 Hellas meeting.

INEP run also this year two innovative workshops on Management of Open Education Recourses (OER) in Learning Systems, and use of OER, in May and June 2018, whose activity report now completed.  This kind of action is a form of closed consultation and joint experimentation with the opportunity of working together and collaboration. The purpose of the workshops was to point out, promote, and integrate methods, techniques, practices, technologies, tools and infrastructures required for the management of open educational resources, as well as to jointly experiment on the collaborative slidewiki platform in PA. You can find all EKDDA actions and reports here


In all actions, trainees and trainers informed about the SlideWiki competition and Video tutorials.





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