Two MOOCs that have embedded SlideWiki presentations.

Slidewiki and Futurelearn logosOver the summer months, as we prepared for our trials, we worked with FutureLearn on embedding SlideWiki content into two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). The first MOOC on Inclusive Learning and Teaching Environments ran for three weeks in September and the second MOOC on Digital Accessibility began on October 8th and will run for five weeks.  To date we have had around 3869 people registering on the courses from 155 countries and we hope this number will increase as the weeks go by.

When we ran these courses previously, the team received some comments from learners indicating that they were overwhelmed by the amount of information or knowledge they had to take on board within a very short time.   Others said they wanted more links and alternative ways of managing the content.  SlideWiki felt like an ideal way of presenting the key points made each week as well as presenting alternative formats that could be accessible to all. FutureLearn have allowed us to embed SlideWiki decks as an exercise within the final reflective discussion that occurs at the end of each week.

The embedded version of the decks was in presentation mode as can be seen in the screencast below. We worked with FutureLearn to ensure the experience would be successful on all browsers and devices.  This included making the text sizes larger, so that they were readable on mobile technologies when embedded within a page. We also made use of bullet points to clarify main ideas and added more videos where examples of techniques or case studies were felt to be helpful.

The decks were collated on SlideWiki as playlists which will make it easier for MOOC participants to return to in the future.

Furthermore, we hope that these playlists will allow participants to share, reuse and repurpose the slides in the future.


Once our courses have finished we will be examining the comments on our MOOCs to find out the impact of using SlideWiki in this way.  So far, the experience appears to be seamless and people are not questioning the transition to SlideWiki.  During this semester, we will be working with our Master’s students who use the MOOCs to support taught classes and there may be a need to ask specific questions about the embedding of the slides.

More information can be accessed in this video:

Blog post by E.A. Draffan & Abi James, WAIS, ECS , University of Southampton

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