SlideWiki Project Tutorial in ICL 2018 Conference

A tutorial on the SlideWiki platform was given in the 21th International conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL) on 26th September 2018 at Kos International Convention Center (KICC), Kos island, Greece. The tutorial’s duration was 1 hour which was conducted by Dr. Sarmad Ahmed Shaikh.

In this tutorial, the SlideWiki project was introduced to the audience which were numbered around 15-20. The tutorial was comprised of a presentation of 25 minutes followed by an online demo of 25 minutes of the website of the SlideWiki platform. And in the end, there was a question/answer section of 10 minutes.

In the presentation section, a general overview of the project was given which mainly contained following information.

  • History of SlideWiki Project
  • What is SlideWiki project about?
    • open source, presentation rooms, 50 languages translation, reuse, mixing, repurpose, etc
  • Objectives of the SlideWiki platform
    • collaboratively create and share educational contents/curricula, improve translations, etc
  • Integration with MOOC delivery platform
  • SlideWiki OpenCourseWare Competition (OECWC2018)
    • purpose, advantages, participation process, requirements, deadline, contact person, etc
  • Project’s funding
  • Project’s partners
  • Social media interaction
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

In the demo section, a demonstration was given how to use the SlideWiki platform which mainly contained following information.

  • Introduction to the home page of platform’s website (
    • Menue options
  • Singup/Login to the user account
  • How to search and surf the slide contents of a particular topic
    • Visualization of slides, toolbar options, downloading, requesting author for editing
  • How to create own slides on a particular topic
    • Visualization of formatting slides, title, contents insertion, importing images/videos
    • Save and publishing
    • Reediting
  • Presentation rooms
  • Languages translation options
  • Introduction to already available demo videos and Video tutorial contents

Finally, in the question/answer section, audience were more interested in asking about future services of the platform such as keeping course materials or programing codes. Audience used to ask about the survival of the platform after the end of the project in December 2018. Furthermore, they were also concerned about the security of the material people put on the platform and its reliability. One audience also asked that which software tool is being used to develop such platform.

Apart from these two sections, a poster was also put on the entrance door of the tutorial room before start of the tutorial section in order to advertise the tutorial section. Then, poster was moved inside the room on the presentation stage.

In summary, overall, people were well informed about the SlideWiki project and its features. Many of them, noted down the website link and contact person for their further queries and usage of the plaform.  

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