SlideWiki Developer Hackathon Sep 26-28 in Belgrade, Serbia

Institute Mihajlo Pupin Serbia

On 26-28 September 2018, SlideWiki developers met in Belgrade, Serbia for the 8th hackathon. The hackathon was organized by the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, located in a peaceful environment of Zvezdara Forest, 4 km away from the Belgrade city center.

Hackathon photoThere were 12 attendees from the SlideWiki DevOps (Development and Operations) team who attended this hackathon. The DevOps team normally works in different places, time zones, and on different days. We work in a distributed team via GitHub and other systems. Hackathons allow us to easily collaborate as a group or in small teams so that we can efficiently and effectively focus on a set of tasks and goals for three days. During the Belgrade hackathon we worked together to learn about the technical details of the SlideWiki system, improve SlideWiki, design and create new features before the final platform release.

Each day of the SlideWiki hackathon V8 started with a Scrum-style stand-up in which each developer briefly addressed the progress of tasks or user stories s/he is in charge of, any help s/he might need or give, and plans for the rest of the day.

Hackathon photo

An important benefit of a Hackathon is that we can be together to directly solve problems and implement new features head-on, e.g., by sitting together behind one screen (pair-programming). A large part of the hackathon is reserved for these activities as we have found that they are highly-effective.
Beside coding and working on current tasks during the three days, we used the time of seeing each other face to face for several discussions which were held during the meeting within the whole group or in sub groups during breakout sessions as well as in numerous small scale meetings and conversations during coffee and lunch breaks.

Thanks again everyone for the great and fruitful Hackathon!

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