SLIDEWIKI INTERVIEW WITH Dimitris Chatzis at the University of Aegean, Greece

The University of the Aegean, in Greece is one of the subcontracted partners for the external trials of the SlideWiki platform. In this interview, we feature Dimitris Chatzis of the University of the Aegean and Principal at School Workshop Center of Samos, and we exchange on his experience with the SlideWiki trials and platform, as well as the plans of his university in terms of using OER, OCW and SlideWiki beyond the duration of the trials.

  1. What is special about the SlideWiki platform?

The specificity of the platform SlideWiki is the collaborative effort of creation and reuse of educational materials. As a teacher I see my colleagues to create material suitable to assist them in their teaching, but they either don’t want to give it or upload it to pages that just share it. In contrast to SlideWiki besides widely sharing gives you the ability to edit.  Even if the presentation is in a different language you can semi-automatically translate content into more than 50 languages. Along with the creation of educational material, it enables contact and social networking of educators and learners around this content. And the most important: the SlideWiki platform is free to use!

  1. Which are the target groups that can best benefit from using the SlideWiki platform?

The target groups that can benefit from using the SlideWiki are both educators and learners. The first find through a huge range of educational material that which is closest to the level of their class and can also further adapt to their needs. In addition, they can come in contact with other educators in the subject, cooperate, exchange ideas and co-create new material. On the other hand, trainees have access to material that covers their interests, giving them the choice of a different level of deepening, as presentations can come from either formal or higher education institutions. 

  1. How do you evaluate the importance of Open Course Ware and Open Educational Resources for all educational levels?

It is important because it promotes cooperation and communication between teachers who have a different way of approaching the learning process. Open Educational Resources embrace the exchange of ideas, collaborative participation and community development. OCW bring together teachers from different educational levels as well as people from different educational systems and in this way the student acquires a holistic perception of a topic.

  1. How does your organization plan to use the SlideWiki platform beyond the duration of the project?

By the completion of the program, I believe that a very large base with a variety of topics will be created which can be easily handled by our students. In this archive, our students can resort to help with their courses. At the same time, outside of the boundaries of the university, it will become an effort to be promoted in primary and secondary education, to serve as a teaching tool with the main feature of it is the dynamic form, which enables it to evolve, enrich and adapt to the new circumstances.

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