SLIDEWIKI INTERVIEW WITH Marius Sadauskas at the Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania

The Vytautas Magnus University, in Kaunas, Lithuania is one of the subcontracted partners for the external trials of the SlideWiki platform. In this interview, we feature Marius Sadauskas, Chief specialist at the Innovative Studies Institute and PhD Student at the Vytautas Magnus University and we exchange on his experience with the SlideWiki trials and platform, as well as the plans of his university in terms of using OER, OCW and SlideWiki beyond the duration of the trials.

1.SlideWiki, an EU-funded project, enables the collaborative creation of free teaching and learning materials. These include, for instance, slide sets, lecture notes and course content. What is special about this platform?

SlideWiki platform is a great tool to create Open Educational Resources, it enables easy developing, sharing and adapting slides within the platform. Also in my opinion it is very useful tool for teachers, it promotes innovative usage technologies. Teachers who use SlideWiki becomes more open minded as they are not afraid to share their work, to adapt other colleagues work. I believe that such platform helps to promote Open Educational Resources in our local education institutions, in community.

2.According to your opinion, which are the target groups that can best benefit from using the SlideWiki platform?

We believe that teachers should benefit a lot from SlideWiki platform. As our aim is to promote usage of Open Educational Resources in curriculum teachers using SlideWiki or similar tools learning new innovative teaching techniques, technologies, platforms, etc.

Of course learners also benefit from this platform as they have free and open access to learning materials, they can learn, share, create their own assignments in SlideWiki.

3.How do you evaluate the importance of Open Course Ware and Open Educational Resources for all educational levels?

As mentioned in previous questions, we think that Open Educational Resources are very important in teaching and learning process and we try to promote it in our institution, so teachers would get familiar with these terms, start to understand them and use in their curriculum.

4.How does your organization plan to use the SlideWiki platform beyond the duration of the project?

We would like to continue using SlideWiki, create more slide decks, use it more widely, organize teacher training to teach them how to use SlideWiki tool. We hope that SlideWiki platform will improve constantly, so it becomes more user-friendly and easier to use.

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