Register for our SlideWiki workshop and poster/demo at SEMANTiCS in Vienna

SlideWiki will be presented at the SEMANTiCS conference, at the workshop entitled “Successful Software Product Management and SlideWiki: Revolutionizing authoring, sharing and re-using of OER and OCW online“. The workshop takes place on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 – 09:00 to 13:30 at the Seminarraum 124 of the Technical University of Vienna and it is organized by Alexandra Garatzogianni, Senior Research and Innovation Project Manager at the Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology, University Library (TIB). 

This workshop consists of a commercial component (Session I) comprising an all-inclusive presentation of technical and managerial software product management methodologies for the successful delivery of commercial software products, aiming thus to provide the right tools to developers in order to enable them to think from the business and strategic standpoint and deliver successfully software solutions to market, and a research one (Session II) , i.e. exploring the output and achievements of the SlideWiki project.

Session I will focus on Successful Software Product Management. During this session we will be sharing methodologies for successfully managing and delivering to market commercial software products by giving an all-inclusive presentation of technical and managerial software product management methodologies for the successful delivery to market of commercial software products. The following topics will be covered:

  • Software product definition and the role of the product manager
  • What a Product manager is NOT
  • Product Management Stages
  • Idea Management
  • Product Specification and Agile Product Roadmap Types
  • Managing the backlog
  • Managing Client Needs and Software Requirements
  • Roles in multidisciplinary teams
  • Strategic and Development frameworks
  • Software Processes and Agile Practices
  • Managing software life cycle processes and requirements
  • Verification and validation methodologies
  • Product management vs Project management
  • Quality Management and Software inspection stages
  • Metrics for Software improvements and decreasing waste
  • Verified vs Validated product
  • Hybrid product development process
  • How to bring Data Products successfully to the market

In Session II, after the coffee break, SlideWiki will be presented and focus will be given to the fact that the SlideWiki  platform enables to revolutionize, crowdsource, author, share and re-use Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open CourseWare (OCW) online. 

Topics covered:

  • OCW and OER History, Motivation, Reasoning and Significance
  • project: goals, methodologies, outputs and next steps
  • SlideWiki’s OCW Competition: Your chance to win 500 and up to 1K euros!
  • Presentation and testing of the SlideWiki platform, upcoming tools and features


Session I

You are free to share your experience in this domain as well as the difficulties you have faced or are currently facing in terms of bringing your software product to market. Moreover you can pitch your software products, concepts for a software product or research outcomes that could have the potential to be offered as software products.

Session II

Please bring your notebook, for the testing of the SlideWiki platform, its tools and features. 

Make sure to register here. We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna!

A kind note that this year, the SEMANTiCS Conference has two locations. The Workshops will be hosted at the Technical University of Vienna, Gußhausstraße 27-29, and the main conference will be hosted at the Hilton Waterfront Hotel. 

More information about our workshop can be accessed here

SlideWiki Poster & Demo: Our poster/demo paper “SlideWiki — A Platform for Authoring FAIR Educational Content” by Ali Khalili and Klaas A. de Graaf of the VU University Amsterdam was accepted and will be presented at the SEMANTiCS2018 Poster/Demo Track

Info about the SlideWiki project: Presentations have become indispensable in our everyday lives, whether at school, in college or at work. On the SlideWiki platform, presentations, especially open teaching and learning materials, i.e. Open Educational Resources (OER), can be jointly created, edited, updated, changed and accessed. Unlike other OER repositories, SlideWiki is designed to ensure the reuse, mixing, and repurpose of OER material and slides, and to help educators gain access to new course materials. Moreover the open-source SlideWiki platform minimizes the effort of creating, translating and developing structured teaching and learning material through crowdsourcing. Similar to Wikipedia for encyclopedic content, SlideWiki enables the collaborative creation of comprehensive OpenCourseWare (OCW) with the objective to semiautomatically translate this content into more than 50 different languages, improving the quality of translations, and supporting the engagement and social networking of educators and learners.


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