SlideWiki@ TIB/L3S Tech Transfer Conference „Supporting Digitalisation via Research and Innovation”

SlideWiki was presented at the Tech Transfer Conference „Supporting Digitalisation via Research and Innovation”, which was organised by the Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology, University Library (TIB) and the Research Center L3S.

During this event, numerous research and technology competences in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Visual Analytics, Semantic Data networking and Open Innovation were presented to companies and key business and societal stakeholders with the aim to enable synergistic effects and to accelerate the innovation process with the use of existing tools and menthodologies. Attending companies had the chance to present their perspectives, requirements and use cases.

This series of events aims to serve as an incubator for tech transfer and innovation projects with the objective to strengthen the sustainable cooperation between research and industry enabling thus the successful digitization in the region of Hannover.


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