Crowdsourcing OER: What is SlideWiki and why you should use it

The SlideWiki platform, the main output of the SlideWiki project, offers an open-source, online platform for creating and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) in the form of slide decks. Unlike other OER repositories, SlideWiki is built to ensure the smooth reuse, remix and repurpose of OER slides and decks and to help educators access new course materials. SlideWiki combines an online slide creation and presentation tool with a range of interactive features to help engage your audience, such as comments, ratings and questions. All the content published on SlideWiki is made available under the Creative Common CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence which means that you can share, repurpose and reuse content.

User’s profile

  1. Students,
  2. Researchers,
  3. Secondary education stakeholders,
  4. Vocational training stakeholders,
  5. Professional training stakeholders,
  6. Higher education stakeholders,
  7. Community-driven open-education stakeholders,
  8. Multinational organisations and institutes,
  9. Conference organisers and attendees.

SlideWiki’s Benefits

  • Create and edit decks collaboratively and efficiently with colleagues,
  • Disseminate strategic internal and external info, which can be translated automatically with high quality in many foreign languages,
  • Use the comment and rate tools to encourage participation of your target audience,
  • Showcase your contribution to the targeted scientific community,
  • Embed videos, code and interactive content within your slide,
  • Encourage the audience to experiment,
  • Share decks  through social networking.​
  • Author, share and re-use sophisticated educational content in a truly collaborative way
  • Engage your students to comment, edit and collaborate in a shared environment
  • Import and transform your presentations
  • Create innovative interactive courses using HTML
  • Supplement your slides with comments, links to sources, materials and questions
  • Lead a uniquely interactive learning experience
  • Showcase your work, research and contribution to the OER and scientific community
  • Allow your audience to access your content during your presentation
  • Share decks through social networking.
  • Work collaboratively with your peers to create slides and decks.
  • Collaborate efficiently with your peers on slides, diagrams, assessments and presentations
  • Join an international community
  • Access multilingual content that can be automatically translated
  • Interact with a community that shares the same interests
  • Receive guidance and support from your network in the form of comments for delivering high quality presentations
  • Showcase your progress and results achieved
International companies, institutions, research groups
  • Create and edit decks collaboratively and efficiently with colleagues
  • Disseminate strategic internal and external info, which can be translated automatically with high quality in many foreign languages
  • Use the comment and rate tools to encourage participation of your target audience
  • Showcase your contribution to the targeted scientific community
  • Embed videos, code and interactive content within your slide
  • Encourage the audience to experiment
  • Share decks through social networking.
Conference organisers

Offer a unique and efficient collaborative environment to invited speakers, which allows users to:

  • Interact on the shared presentations, ensuring that all are up-to-date and agree with the items that will be discussed
  • Enable speakers / presenters to make last minute changes to their presentations
  • Ensure smooth transitions between speakers as all presentations will be presented from the shared deck, thus avoiding last minute delays and frustration with USBs that do not function properly
  • Directly share presentation material with attendees and the scientific community
  • Reach out to a greater number of attendees
  • Increase the visibility and status of your conference
  • Give back to the scientific community
  • Create synergies with interested stakeholders and sponsors, who will be able to directly access and appreciate the quality of the conferences you deliver.

All above actions can be implemented simply by sharing the deck’s link with targeted stakeholders, proving SlideWiki’s great added value in terms of quality and efficiency.


Built to comply with accessibility standards and to support assistive technology users, SlideWiki enhances significantly the collaboration, knowledge exchange and educational progress by enabling users to:

  1. Import existing slide decks from PowerPoint and OpenOffice formats
  2. Use the online, collaborative WYSIWYG slide authoring
  3. View a slideshow on any device including mobile, tablet, Smart TV
  4. Export content in a number of formats, including PDF, SCORM and ePub3
  5. Download presentations in PDF, ePub and HTML formats
  6. Track content’s history and changes   
  7. Use tags and groups to collate content for a course.
  8. Use a Presentation Room for the slideshow’s broadcast
  9. Track all changes to slides within SlideWiki, enabling the monitoring of who has created the materials and the collaboration with co-authors.
  10. Use or adapt source code (and in most cases the code of the third party libraries used) to install your own version of SlideWiki for your organisation or on your website.

Features coming soon:       

  1. Multilingual decks,  semi-automatic translation and synchronization of content between translated versions
  2. E-Learning with self-assessment questionnaires.   
  3. Content recommendation and personalization.        
  4. Learning analytics and LTI support.

Stay tuned as more posts and videos showcasing SlideWiki and its functionalities will follow! For more info, please email us at

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