SlideWiki Plenary Meeting Nov 16-17 2017 in Leipzig

The November Plenary meeting took place in Leipzig directly after the Hackathon [LINK TO POST] on November 16th and 17th 2017 in Leipzig.

The first day we held the meeting at the Albertina, the historical library of Leipzig University.

Our first agenda point was the feedback from the EU review meeting. Prof. Sören Auer (LUH), Steffen Lohmann (Fraunhofer) and Alexandra Garatzogianni (LUH) presented the positive feedback we received from the EU as well as the criticized points. The criticized points were discussed in more detail and we discussed possible improvements to be made.

After that, Abi James and Klaas Andries de Graaf gave an overview about the overall development progress in SlideWiki. They reported about the requirements gathered from the trial partners, the development status of the Dev team as well as the next plans.



Roy Meissner (InfAI) also presented a first version of the Presentation Rooms. This is a quite new feature where a presenter can open up a virtual room and present a deck to some online community, like screencasting a deck in a video chat. Unlike other already existing solutions, we have not focused on video streaming but are using a brand-new browser technology that enables use-cases which cannot be provided as of video streaming. Two examples of such novel use-cases are: (1) live growing charts as of interactive surveys and (2) the ability to watch the presented slides in your own language, instead of the presenters choice. We even imagine this technology to better support hybrid lectures, so mixed face-to-face and online courses. An own blog post about this new feature will follow soon. So stay tuned.

In the afternoon we heard detailed reports about the work packages which included WP1: Dynamically Scalable Cloud Architecture & Semantic Search, WP2: Crowdsourced OpenCourseWare Authoring, WP3: Learning Analytics & Skill Recognition, Personalization, WP4: Accessible, Inclusive & Ubiquitous Learning Interfaces, WP5: Multi-Platform Learning Resources Delivery.
After the coffee break, the trial reports (WP 6, 7, 8, 9) were presented and followed by discussions. We finalized the first meeting day with some update information about Community Engagement & Dissemination by InfAI.  

Most of us met again after the meeting to have dinner at the “Auerbachs Keller”, a historical restaurant known for Goethe’s play “Faust”, where Faust met Mephisto and where we enjoyed some nice traditional German food for our revitalization after this successful first meeting day.



The second day of the Plenary Meeting we met at the Augusteum at the Alma Mater Lipsiensis, the Leipzig University.

After a discussion about the terms and what is considered as spam, the main topic for the rest of the day was about the trials. A summary of the trials realized in 2017 was given. During the Open Community Education Trial for Year 2 we had 13 trial contributors, creating 26 decks (1851 slides), 11 trainers and 300 trainees involved and 68 survey responses received.
During the Higher-Education Trial for year 2 we had 55 trial contributors, creating 282 decks (4705 slides), 24 trainers and 581 trainees involved and 53 survey responses received. The organisation and coordination of the trials as well as further plans were discussed in more detail by the trial partners including the planning regarding tenders, At the same time the Dev team went to another room for a breakout session, where the further development was planned and coordinated, with special focus on the SlideWiki slides Editor and PPTX export and HTML import. We finished the Plenary meeting in the afternoon after a wrap up and planning the next big steps regarding releases, trials and deliverables.

The presentations were, of course, made using SlideWiki – see or below to view, and possibly re-use, the presentations during the Plenary.

We want to thank all participants of the Plenary for this successful meeting!

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