SlideWiki Plenary Meeting in Madrid

On 26-27 April 2017, SlideWiki partners met in Madrid in the 4th project plenary meeting. This type of meetings allow us (a) to describe the status of the different activities in the project in a face to face fashion, (b) to discuss about different issues and actions in a collaborative way, and (c) to have a clear idea of the different tasks and goals both from the developers view and from the trials view.

During the plenary meeting in Madrid we discussed together about the technical details of the SlideWiki platform as well as about the different trials requirements. In addition, diverse aspects of the SlideWiki project were debated.

This is a brief summary of the main important points treated in Madrid.

Our project coordinator, Sören Auer, together with Oscar Corcho (UPM) started the meeting with general and managerial issues. After the welcome, Sören Auer informed us about his position movement. He is going to be the director of Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) in Hannover.

Then, people from the development team (Klaas Andries de Graaf and Abi James, among others) explained the rest of consortium the progress of the SlideWiki platform. They noticed the valuable reports and comments obtained via the ‘Feedback button’ in the platform and encourage the use of it in the future. Requirements gathered from trial partners as well as the elaboration of user stories allowed them to improve the platform. Particularly, the following features were included in the platform: user, rights and revisions management, social functionalities, semantic annotation, importing new formats, appending decks and new functionalities in the slide editor.

After the platform session, the trials coordinator (Edna Ruckhaus and Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa) provided a summary of the trials status and presented a catalog of learning activities and how they can be included in SlideWiki presentations.

Before dividing into specific working groups, the whole consortium debated about the possibility of creating a foundation to exploit project results and about the chance of having external trials. In addition, Sören briefly reported on the “Digital Learning Participatory Meeting” that took place on March. In such a meeting Sören and Mari Carmen presented SlideWiki to the rest of participants and discussed possible collaborations with other project in the digital learning area.

During our Madrid meeting, we had several parallel sessions mainly to discuss in detail platform issues on the one hand and trial issues on the other hand.

  • Regarding the platform, we worked on the platform localization and on the licensing issues.
  • Regarding the trials, we discussed about the alignment between platform requirements and trials. In addition, we debated about (a) synchronization between slides in different languages, (b) semantic tagging of slides in order to organize them in a course, (c) generating questions automatically from slides, and (d) MOOC and LMS integration. In addition, we performed an initial characterization of trials in order to analyze the existing gap.

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