SlideWiki Developer Hackathon V3.0, 22-24 February, Amsterdam

SlideWiki Hackathon V3.0

We are pleased to announce that SlideWiki Hackathon V3.0 will be hosted by VU University in Amsterdam.

800px-Amsterdam_CanalNormally we work in different places, time zones, and on different days, but the hackathon allows us to easily collaborate as a group or in small teams and efficiently and effectively focus on a set of tasks and goals for three days. During the hackathon we will work together to learn about the technical details of the SlideWiki system, improve SlideWiki, design and create new features, and make future plans.  We will also evaluate and brainstorm on our current development, decision, and communication processes.

For information about results and the course of past hackathons see the reports of the previous developer meetings  in Amsterdam and Leipzig.

We will provide a detailed program with activities later on.

As SlideWiki is an Open Source project, the hackathon is open to everyone interested in contributing to the SlideWiki project. All interested should take a look at our SlideWiki developers page on GitHub for more details. We can accommodate a few more people, so contact Klaas Andries de Graaf ( as soon as possible if you want to join the Hackathon.

We have wifi access via Eduroam, guest accounts for wifi access, and power blocks on-site.  Do bring your laptop + adapter 🙂

The hackathon takes place in the W&N building of VU University in Amsterdam.






See or and
for general directions.

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