Introducing SlideWiki 2.0 Beta

During the first year of our project we have been working towards updating the platform with the new version of SlideWiki. The new platform has been rebuilt from the ground-up, using the latest web-technologies. SlideWiki 2.0 will offer new features, enhanced performance and improved security. So far the development team have focused on:

  • putting in place the infrastructure, services and processes to allow the SlideWiki platform to support a large user base and content database
  • development of the SlideWiki 2.0 interface and services to replicate the functionality of SlideWiki 1.0
  • addressing the usability and accessibility issues identified in the Quality in Use assessment
  • prioritising the development of pre-requisite components for work packages due in the coming months

In order to prioritise and plan this work, we have adopted an Agile methodology for planning and tracking tasks, using ‘User Stories’ to guide task creation and management.

At the beginning of October 2016 (M10) the first beta version was released for use by those partners running trials. During M10-12 we used feedback from the trials to improve the usability of the interface, as well identify and fix bugs.  Additional features, driven by the user stories, were also completed so that an update to the SlideWiki 2.0 beta ( was released on 12th  December, 2016.  This version includes:

Screenshot of SlideWiki 2.0 deck page

Screenshot of SlideWiki 2.0 deck page

  • User account management for signing up and signing in, editing a user’s profile, changing a password and deactivating an account.
  • Creating a new deck or importing a deck from an existing PowerPoint file.
  • User settings and deck listings
  • Navigating through a deck and editing its information, as well as adapting an existing deck owned by another user
  • Creating and editing slide content including adding sources and comments.
  • Viewing a deck in presentation mode and exporting as a PDF or ePub.
  • Migration of decks from SlideWiki 1.0 for users involved with the project.

We are currently restricting log-ins for the beta platform to project members, but you can view decks on the platform at  and see a guide to the new features at .

We continue to add and improve features with monthly releases. Currently, the original version of SlideWiki remains available at and it is anticipated that the two platforms will be available in parallel during Q1 and Q2 of 2017.  SlideWiki 2.0 will become a release candidate when it has all of the functionality of the orginal SlideWiki platform as well as the enhanced features and has been rigorously tested. At that time, users of SlideWiki 1.0 will be notified of the timeline to archive the old platform and how their account and data will be migrated.

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