1st SlideWiki Developer Hackathon, 21-22 July, Amsterdam

Our first SlideWiki developers meeting took place July 21-22 in Amsterdam, with 17 SlideWiki-developers from all over Europe attending.

Day 1:

Warm-up programming game: the main idea was to warm up developers by editing some parts of the existing source code in order to reach a reward hidden in the system. To fulfill the requested tasks, people needed to understand different parts of the system design and architecture. The game was intended to be both fun and educational, perhaps similar to a serious game.

Quick overview of communication in system. This presentation showed developers how different parts of the system work together and how data flows between those parts using an example scenario.

Discussion on version management. We agreed on a minor modification of our current approach for coordinating how the different versions of the system that developers work on can be combined.

Pair-programming on development branchingtasks and microservice: A large part of the Hackathon was reserved for development. Being all together we could effectively use each other’s expertise, and help each other out by programming in pairs of two, or even by gathering with four or five developers to work on a task or problem. The close collaboration accelerated development and allowed us to identify many solutions to problems and new challenges that we had to discuss.
Day 2:

Core tasks for September release: We discussed the resource planning for our September release. We have to work on development tasks that are interdependent, and the resource planning allows us to take these dependencies into account, together with the availability of developers during holiday-season.storyboard1

Pair programming on implementing deck-services and user management: This was one of the most productive sessions where we started to further implement the main deck-service and user management services in the SlideWiki system.

Discussing the storyboard workflow (order of pages) for core development tasks: In a break-out session several developers discussed how user management pages should be ordered and presented to the end-users, and what the required changes in the current user interface should be.

Developers Meeting: We had our weekly developer meeting on location, during which we had:

  • Scrum stand-up (what is everyone working on? how did it go? what will we do next?)
  • demo (presentation of work done) and
  • retrospective (feedback from team-members on process, tools, people, etc.).

In summary: we got many things done.

Looking forward to next time.

Your team at SlideWiki.

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