Developer Website and Blog now online

We all love easy ways to communicate with projects or even start contributing following an up to date howto. But wait! Do we (as of SlideWiki) have these kinds of introductory howtos, notes and information. Yes, we have now!

We are proud to introduce you to our awesome new developers page and blog, where we gather information on our design approach, technology stack and some hints on how you can start working at Slidewiki.
Furthermore, we will fill our developers blog with topics that we’ve worked on and have occupied us for a large amount of time. This is just for you, because now you don’t need to invest time in reinventing the wheel again and again and again (and again?).
Besides this bleading-edge blog we are maintaining a Github Wiki filled with information and discussion about implementation topics.

Developer Website
We worked hard to create feature rich and modern websites, that are accessible and integrate well into the current web. As our whole developer materials are hosted at our friends at Github – and believe me, they’re doing a great job over there! – we use their favored blogging system – Jekyll – in conjunction with Twitters Bootstrap – “The most popular framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web” – in order to have simple workflows and great user experience.

But have a look for yourself and find your way into the brave new world!

Your team at SlideWiki.

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